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About 3D Skintech
3D-skintech is a revolution in the non-surgical aesthetic skincare.  What is unique about the treatment is that its combines the latest clinical technologies with our scientific cosmeceutical skin care line and peels to ensure that we can offer the most effective treatments for anti-ageing, pigmentation and acne.

Not only that but we can adapt different levels of treatment depending on whether we are treating under preventative protocols right up to the most curative applications.
Our trained Aesthetician will be able to prescribe an exact facial to suit your specific needs. With an array of result driven technologies and skincare to hand, you will be assured there is no better alternative.
Anti-Ageing / Mature – Time Defence Facial
This facial is designed to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, slackened skin and will promote a more youthful appearance. 
Combining take home products, multiple technologies and peels you can be assured that there is no match to the results that can be achieved. 
Anyone concerned about visible signs of ageing or has extensive sun damage will benefit from these products and facial treatments.

Hyperpigmentation / Brightening – Lightening Facial
This facial is designed to improve the appearance of uneven skin-tone and pigmentation regardless of age or skin type. By combining specific Chemical Peels, take home products and specific technologies we will be able to treat the most stubborn pigmentation.

Oily / Acneic – Clear Skin Facial
This facial is deigned to an oily acneic patient (with no open lesions). It is
highly recommended that Beta Hydroxy Acid Peels, take home products
and technologies are combined to help control, maintain and prevent acneic
conditions whilst slowing down sebum production.
SkintechiTreatmentsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii SingleiTreatment Courseiofi6iTreatments
3D Rotational Diamond Microdermabrasion
£60 £300
3D Mesotherapy Facial £100 £480
3D Radio Frequency Facial £150 £800
3D LED Photo Therapy £40 £210
3D LED Add On £25  
3D Combination Facial
3D Dermabrasion or Peel, Mesotherapy and LED Photo Rejuvenation
£150 £800 
3D Complete Facial
3D Dermabrasion or Peel, Mesotherapy, Radio Frequency and LED Photo Rejuvenation
£200 £1100

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